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Norway's Master Astrologer Per Henrik Gullfoss' New Book

"The Complete Book of Spiritual Astrology"

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Here's what readers have to say about the book!

5 Star ***** Review here:

I recently purchased your book "The Complete Book of Spiritual Astrology". I am almost done reading it and I wanted to reach out to thank you for giving me one of the most profound experiences I have ever had in this lifetime of 35 years. As I look at my chart and read your book I feel as though you wrote this book directly to my soul as a guide for what I need to do for the rest of this life and to explain many of the things I have reasoned out about myself over the course of my life. This book astounds me and gives me such a sense of happiness that I cannot really explain it in words. I am sure you understand what I mean when I say that it speaks to a place in me that far exceeds language and the ability to properly explain the emotions and concepts it evokes. Thank you so very much. I wish you would publish all of your books in English as I would buy and read every single one! [Note: More of Per Henrik's books are on the way.]  When I was born, one of my great aunts read my chart and told my parents I am an "old soul" and I wish that she was alive when I was old enough to sit with her and have her walk me through the chart and explain to me how she determined that from my natal blueprint. I feel I am an old soul and I know that I am here to learn lessons and I have always felt it as a tremendously strong undercurrent of my soul to become aware of how to learn these lessons. This book is the first time I have encountered anything concrete that has given me true direction on how to figure out what those lessons are.

Joseph Pollarine


"Spiritual Astrology" is a delightful and originally conceived 

interpretation of modern astrological concepts. The wonderful thing 

about this book is that while it manages to appeal to the 

professional astrologer and will assist them in gaining new insight 

into their own work, Per Henrik Gullfoss' writing will not alienate 

the beginner or layperson who is just starting to learn about 

astrology. I found "Spiritual Astrology” inspiring and thought 


Laura Dreyer, Astrologer/Musician


I read the book and what can I tell you? I loved it. I loved it because it is written much differently than all other books I have read. It is very spiritual and written from the perspective of the evolution of the soul. Not many astrology books are written from this perspective. I told you I was thrilled that I was going to read about the description of I.C. even before I read it, but after I read it, I finally had this whole thing clarified for me. In spite of knowing that M.C. has to do with authority, I never thought of this axis as the power axis (the "inner" and "outer" power/authority) before, but Per Henrik's description truly makes sense. If the individual doesn't have a healthy relationship with his/her inner power and is not in touch with it, how will he/she manifest his/her outer power? I also was impressed and amused by his description of the individuals (teachers) with a power dilemma as "poor bastards". When I read that, I laughed! My fellow European understands! Yes, indeed, I had the "privilege" to meet a fair share of "poor bastards" myself!

And there are more of the things I liked! The description of Virgo! My special thanks to the man who is among the very few to describe this sign in a positive light. And not only does he offer a description of how Virgos are, but why, which is all the more important. Not all of us are sick perfectionists, critical and obsessed with cleaning...most of us do actually have a life! Thank you Per Henrik, thank you very much, for clearing the misunderstanding about my sign once and for all! I am kind of tired of hearing "Oh! I hate Virgos!", not because I take it personally, but because I swear that most of that stuff written in magazines and books about this sign is so far stretched. ("They are fussy, petty, nitpicking, critical, they clean all day 'cause that's how they have fun, and they don't like to have sex!") Good job Per Henrik!

Next! More great stuff! About that Moon-Pluto in depth and accurate! I don't know if this man has this aspect himself, but if not, I can testify that he is right on! It was a very accurate description he gave about the feelings and why they have been created within the individual who lives with this aspect. Mastering this energy is a slow and painful, but a rewarding process nevertheless. Another interesting thing he wrote about is the meaning of contacts between inner and outer planets. I never read this anywhere. This little book Per Henrik wrote packed more new information than many other much bigger books. Excellent! [NOTE: The new book is double the size the original version] This is a gem for everyone interested in Astrology, which offers a whole new perspective...very spiritual and informative. Very solid explanations are given.  Thank you! 

I. J., Astrology Student


I just wanted to thank you again for your fascinating talk on Nordic astrology at the NCGR New York City chapter meeting a few weeks back.  Ordinarily, I'm through with collecting 'yet another' book on astrology, but I had a strong urge to buy yours (Spiritual Astrology).  I'm glad I did.  From your planetary positions given I noticed that we're contemporaries (except my Pluto crossed over to 0 degrees Virgo by the time of my birth), so I am not surprised by my sympathy with your way of conceptualization.  That is, though I am Sagittarian, not Taurean, I fully appreciate your rock-solid exposition.  It takes a special talent such as yours to distill essences to their most simple, yet profound.  Thank you again.

B. Lyon, Astrologer


  “This book gives great descriptions of basic concepts infused with spiritual meaning.  It helped me to grasp some concepts that seemed more complicated but Per Henrik seems to simplify them.  Very enjoyable book that I will refer back to often."

Mara Accles, Astrology Student


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