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Diana welcomed Spiritual Master Astrologer from Norway ~

 Per Henrik Gullfoss

Announcing his new book "The Complete Book of Spiritual Astrology"


Per Henrik is the most highly regarded astrologer in Norway where he has been Headmaster of the only Astrology School for 15 years. The author of over 25 books, Per Henrik has spread his specialized Nordic view on astrology at dozens of seminars at Major Astrology Associations throughout Europe.  Per Henrik was in the U.S. for one week only on his first pre-book release tour.

Diana is a NCGR Certified Astrologer and a member of the New York NCGR Faculty.  Often sought out for her astrological views on TV and radio, Diana has also been a featured writer for Los Angeles Magazine, a speaker at NCGR’s Winter & Spring Conferences, Astrological Society of Princeton, The New Life Expo and various other prestigious astrology venues.

 Tapes of the following lectures are available:

Spiritual Astrology (Two Tapes) with Per Henrik

 A Journey through the houses and a look at aspects from a new point of view. $24.95 + $2 shipping


 Moon's Nodes/Karma and Family Secrets (w/handouts) with Diana

Using the Nodes, the Moon and Derived Houses to unveil family secrets. $24.95 + $2 shipping


Nordic Mythology with Per Henrik

The Nordic mythology gives us an interesting perspective on the planets and their

 psychological and spiritual significance.  Meet a god that doesn’t believe in the gods.

Get a deeper understanding about transformation and inner breakthroughs through understanding

 the deeper meaning about Ragnarokk, or as it is called in modern language, the end of the world.

$24.95 + $2 shipping


 Solar and Lunar Returns/Progressing Return Charts (w/handouts) w/Diana

 See how the inner and outer world reflect each other.

Using lunar returns both for forecasting and as a tool for hindsight.

How to progress return charts to catch things astrologers often miss.  

 $24.95 + $2 shipping


Retrograde Planets - Natal and Transiting with Per Henrik

We will look at the retrogrades both as inhabitants of our natal chart,

and as passersby along our road through life (transits).  

 $24.95 + $2 shipping


Buy any 3 lectures for $19.99/each + $5 shipping

Get all 5 lectures for $100 (free shipping!)

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