New York City Certified Professional Consulting Astrologer

Diana’s diverse background and experience have brought her into contact with an amalgam of people of cultural and spiritual diversity.  She is available for in-person consultations in New York City or by phone.  She also lectures and speaks at group events.  See Events to have Diana read the charts of your friends or colleagues at your next Corporate event, Birthday party, Bridal Shower, Bachelorette party or Bar-Mitzvah.

Diana Brownstone is one of the most sought out astrologers in New York City. She is a certified professional consulting astrologer through the National Council of Geocosmic Research Professional Astrologers' Alliance (NCGR-PAA). She has given personal consultations since 1987 and has been a member of the faculty of the New York Chapter of the NCGR since 2001. Diana believes that astrology, when used as a tool and a guide, has the ability to help us understand the life cycles we all undergo and is particularly useful in times of accelerated or sudden change as it gives a time frame for these. You will leave her readings with a deeper sense of clarity of your current situation and validation for what you are experiencing, and a road map for the months ahead. She is not only popular in New York, but has an elite National and International clientele. Diana has provided lectures for The Astrological Society of Princeton New Jersey, NCGR and is a popular speaker at The New Life Expo and their "Strange Universe" panel. Other speaking engagements include Cosmic Astrology Group of Southern New Jersey, New York Astrology Group, Coliseum Books, Gezundheit Center, and Astrology Masters.  Diana's Spiritual Astrology Readings have been translated, recorded and forwarded to numerous clients in Japan.


Diana raised the awareness of the general public to the complexity of astrology and its uses by interjecting planetary cycles and mundane astrology (cycles that affect the world) into her horoscope columns.  She is a popular speaker at the New Life Expo in New York and in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  Diana gave the first free live online launch class  for The Learning Annex/U-stream on March 2nd, 2011..  The January/February 2011 Edition of SPIN magazine featured her 2011 predictions in the music industry.  She was quoted on ABC News on the June 15 2011 Lunar Eclipse (at 24 Sagittarius; the Galactic Center). Her popular column "Cosmic Relief" has been published in both L.A. Magazine and L.A. Style, and was syndicated in Fashion Insider magazines "Fashion Mannuscript", New York, "Fashion Mannuscript West" and "Mann About Town", New York. Diana has been interviewed on "The Today Show" on NBC and on MTV  as well as by Dr. Manny Alvarez on on Astrology & Your Sex Life and Health and Astrology. You may read the accompanying articles here: Sex & Astrology and Astrology & Your Health . Diana also was interviewed on Mystick Journey Radio on Classical Astrology and is often interviewed for newspapers and quoted for an astrological take on current events, the Royal Family and celebrities in the news. She also addressed the online rumor of the "13th Sign" on Euro News.  Most recent interviews were on Alan Steinfeld's New Realities and on American Freedom Radio with Sean David Morton. She gave a series of lectures with Norwegian astrologer

Per Henrik Gullfoss in New York City and for the Astrological Society of Princeton New Jersey. Contact Diana to purchase recordings of these lectures. Diana agented and did the language editing for Per Henrik's book "The Complete Book of Spiritual Astrology", released by Llewellyn Worldwide Publications. She continues her collaboration with Per Henrik on forthcoming books and lectures.


Diana has written and performed her own original comedy characters which you can see here.




Upcoming Lectures and Conferences 2015


New Life Expo - Oct. 16th-18th 2015

Strange Universe Panel Part 1– Creating New Life on A New Earth– Friday Oct 16th 7 PM-9 PM. Go to for Complete Schedule

Cosmic Astrology of South Jersey: Fri. Oct 23rd at 7:30 PM

More Info here:


Past Lectures and Conferences


New Life Expo - Oct. 25th-27th 2013

Strange Universe Panel – Creating New Life on A New Earth– Saturday Oct 26th 10 AM-12 PM

Lecture: Fri. Oct 25th at 8 PM

Workshop: Sat. Oct 26th at 5 PM


Past Lectures 2013

New Life Expo - Panel Discussion: New Life On A New Earth - Jun 22, 2013

New Life Expo - Panel Discussion: Creating New Life On A New Earth, Mar 23, 2013

with Sean David Morton, Dannion Brinkley, Diana Brownstone, Starr Fuentes, James Capers, Judi Satori



New Life Expo - June 23rd 2013

Strange Universe Panel – Creating New Life on A New Earth– Saturday June 22nd 10 AM-12 PM


Past Lectures

New Life Expo - Panel Discussion: Creating New Life On A New Earth, Mar 23, 2013

 with Sean David Morton, Dannion Brinkley, Diana Brownstone, Starr Fuentes, James Capers, Judi Satori


Smoke and Mirrors-Deception Illuminated 2013-2014

with Diana Brownstone

The deception we've been under and the direction

 we are headed. Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto

and how their cycles and alignments affect you.



Diana's Interview on Jun. 26 2012 on American Freedom Radio here

Listen to Diana's Mar. 6 2012 Interview with Forecasts

 for 2012 and beyond with Alan Steinfeld on New Realities

Diana's Interview on March 15th 2012 on American Freedom radio here


Disclaimer: An astrology reading is not a substitute for a consultation with a financial advisor, medical expert or psychiatrist.  By booking a reading, the client acknowledges this and accepts full responsibility for the interpretation of any information received and for any subsequent decisions.  Regarding all communications or forecasts, whether provided verbally or  in writing, in private consultation or public venue: I do not guarantee the accuracy, adequacy, or completeness of any information and I am not responsible for any errors or omissions. Past performance does not guarantee future performance. All transactions in the financial markets or commodities are risky. Any liability for losses or damages is excluded .The astrologer reserves the right to choose whether or not to accept a client.