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My name is Elena, and I have been using Diana's services for the last seven years. Obviously, one of the main reasons I keep coming back is that Diana is accurate.    It is hard work finding a good astrologer these days, because so many people call themselves astrologers, who are nothing but charlatans and thieves. Because Astrology is not recognized as a science, practically anyone can call themselves an astrologer, whether they have a clue about astrology or not.  It was somewhat easier for me to be able to tell the difference between a liar and an actual astrologer, like Diana, because I have some basic knowledge of Astrology myself.  For someone who doesn't even have the basics, this is more difficult. There are several very important characteristics a good astrologer must possess.


    First and foremost, a good astrologer has to have vast knowledge of astrology. This goes above and beyond "Your future husband is going to wear a uniform" type of speech. Sounds familiar? This doesn't mean Astrology is a guessing game or pulling rabbits out of a hat. It simply means that while looking at the sky we can have a better understanding of what's happening here on earth, and a good astrologer has the ability to explain accurately and in detail what exactly is going on, when we can't figure it out by ourselves. Diana can do this very well.


    Second of all, a good astrologer is ethical. A good astrologer understands that news does not boil down to good or bad, at least that's not the way he or she should present it. An astrologer like Diana understands she has to use words carefully, for the words she uses can quite literally change the course of someone's life (for better or worse). Common sense.  Not all astrologers have it, but she does.


    Third of all, an astrologer has to have the ability to make a client feel comfortable and at ease. The less judgment, the better. Going to an astrologer is like going to a doctor, or a counselor. We air out dirtiest laundry, our worst fears, our most embarrassing, shameful secrets.  Diana has the ability to make a person feel at ease, even when a person doesn't feel at ease with herself.


    Finally, coming to her is like coming to a friend.  Diana has no problem opening up about herself and using herself as an example when necessary. Personally, I really like that. We are all, after all, mere mortals. It's sharing of experiences at a reading that's an eye opener. I am grateful for her insights and plan to come back!




"We wanted to thank you for your time and the very detailed reading.  We really were amazed at your ability to read our charts and really pinpoint our strengths and characteristics.  Your analysis was right on.  We came away from the reading with incredible enthusiasm and positive energy.  We haven’t stopped talking about it….truly amazing and thought provoking.


Better than therapy!! Thanks."


Jordana and Stephen





Diana - With whatever issues that have come up, your astrology readings for me have been extremely non-judgmental, forward-thinking and perceptive.


You are great at looking at the positive side of things and directing students away from forecasting doom when it was definitely not the only possible outcome.  Thanks for everything.


Jeneane Schmidt





I have always been a seeker of guidance regarding my path in life. That path has taken many directions especially in the past few years. As I transitioned out of the entertainment field, it was with the hope of becoming a mother.  I needed to feel that my desire to have a baby was supported by evidence in my "stars", that it was a healthy decision.  I sought out an astrologer and found Diana.


She was well respected and recommended to me by people I trusted in my own life.  Despite my struggles with fertility and the non-committal analysis of my possible future success at pregnancy by the medical experts, Diana encouraged me to pursue my desire.  She read my chart, and assured me I could sustain a pregnancy and have a healthy and happy outcome.


Medical conditions warranted a C section and Diana charted out the best due date for that procedure. I was thrilled that the date she advised turned out to be my actual due date.  I had had a desire to wait till that date instead of scheduling my delivery prior to it (with a C section you are given a seven day leeway as to when you would like to deliver.) Further proof of Diana's perceptive and accurate reading is the fact that when I was hooked up to the monitors upon admission to the hospital, I was told that I was having contractions and that my labor had just begun that day!! -- Fantastic!


 I delivered a precious and healthy baby boy.  I thank Diana for her guidance, encouragement, accuracy and I trust her to advise me in the future, not with the hope of being told what I want to hear, but with the belief that she can guide me to make wise decisions in the future based on information in my chart.


Tara Tyrell-Clark





Remember we were talking about the Mars opposite Neptune in one of my transits and it had something to do with home and water? Well, you were right!  The washing machine in my basement overflowed and we had a small flood!   I also thought about my progressed Mars conjuncting my vertex which is within a 1 degree orb now.  I know I was afraid of what this could mean before, but I met a man that seemed absolutely perfect for me.  We did by chance have an... encounter ; ) which all would seem to make sense from this progression in 8th house.  Hope you are well and thank you so much for your reading and help, Diana!


Laura Smith





“I must say, the current reading is freakishly accurate.... every time I look ahead and think, what does that mean? Etc, when it comes time, it's crystal clear and I never would have expected it.  Thank you for sending the transit sheet.  I wrote all of your notes from our conversation on it and I look at it weekly! Every single Transit has been accurate... I couldn't have imagined the changes that have happened.  I was such a skeptic- but finding you has been one of the best things that has ever happened to me!


S. E., Client




Diana is an extremely talented and skilled astrologer. She understands her client's needs and designs her readings based on astrological charts to deliver a PRECISE and SPOT on analysis.

I will always consult Diana for major events in my life!


Jordana Blumofe Balsam

Blogger and Inspirational Motivator





Disclaimer: An astrology reading is not a substitute for a consultation with a financial advisor, medical expert or psychiatrist.  By booking a reading, the client acknowledges this and accepts full responsibility for the interpretation of any information received and for any subsequent decisions.  Regarding all communications or forecasts, whether provided verbally or  in writing, in private consultation or public venue: I do not guarantee the accuracy, adequacy, or completeness of any information and I am not responsible for any errors or omissions. Past performance does not guarantee future performance. All transactions in the financial markets or commodities are risky. Any liability for losses or damages is excluded .The astrologer reserves the right to choose whether or not to accept a client.