The Astrology of Right Now

US Chart with Transits mid-May 2020

Outer planets Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto are all in retrograde right now in addition to inner planet Venus. For the U.S., Jupiter (expansion/excess) is conjunct Pluto (control of the masses) in the 2nd house of finances. (See chart above) This makes for out-of-proportion extreme situations. We’ve been money printing for many years, and that was ramped up and inflated even more after the mortgage backed bond crisis in 2008. As we continue to print debt notes, bail out corporations and give stimulus and pandemic monies away, the situation will quickly reach a “pop” point. Already China has been preparing a Yuan/gold-backed bitcoin to complement their gold-backed currency. Federal Reserve notes will eventually be replaced with government-backed money, and here too we will see huge shifts in the way we use currency. Blockchain is not the money of the people, and never was. It will be controlled. I will go more into the chart of bitcoin in the future.

I don’t think vaccines to implant chips that can be used to turn off your bank accounts will be easily implemented. Mandatory vaccines will be fought and hard. What is being proposed is the first RNA vaccine by a company Gates pulled out of bankruptcy to fund, which has never even produced a vaccine before. Dr. Buttar explains here.  I account the slow-to-materialize worst-case scenarios to the quickening of the “waking up” of the masses. This can be boldly seen on social media where the ‘asleep’ complain of conspiracy theories running rampant. Saturn in Aquarius brings the rigid holding to ideas. Both the awake, and those not yet aware, are rigidly clinging to their turf. Aquarius is a fixed air sign, so those pushing the awakening will need to be skilled in how they sound the alarm in order to wake the still asleep up. Those clinging to their security (Saturn retrograde) whether in their thinking or actions are blocking arriving at full social (Aquarius) consciousness. Italian Congresswoman Sara Cunial took a stand exemplifying the higher expression of this transit by telling the Italian President to forward Bill Gates’ next  phone call directly to the International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity.

Manipulative publications such as the Atlantic have a “Conspiracy Theory” article front and center on their site to try and deter the asleep from seeing the truth.  In fact the term conspiracy theory was created by the CIA to prevent people from questioning the fraudulent Warren Report on JFK’s assassination and frighten them from being associated with a term to which they assigned negative connotations.  I invite you to look it up. The Atlantic’s article is designed to keep you from waking up with tactics to make those they interview look cookoo. It’s a manipulative last gasp, timed precisely with the final year of the Saturn (reality)-Neptune (deception/illusion) closing square, to prevent the public from this aspect’s critical “crisis-in consciousness” awakening. There are so many real sources for the real news, many of which are listed in my Alternative News CD. Contact me for a copy. Here is another article and source providing critical thinking on the fudged numbers of this plandemic. (Click for Pandemic simulation) And 10 Steps to Turn a Pandemic into the Brave New Normal.

On numerous occasions I have spoken about the mainstream news media and how Obama repealed the old Smith-Mundt act, the propaganda ban, and put a new version into the NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act), in order to allow propaganda, previously given to foreign countries, to be disseminated, unknowingly, to the American public through news and media channels. For more on this read here. Four corporations own all the major media channels that produce the same scripted talking points across the nation. No wonder there are so many walking zombies parroting the fake news. This has been going on a long time unbeknownst to most people, who watch and digest mainstream news as if it were true. There is a reason it is called “programming”. From Harvard Business Review – Why The News Is Not Truth.

Every time I have given a talk in the past 10+ years I have spoken of the bottom of the Barbault Index, (from astrologer Barbault – not to be confused with Dr. Barbot), the graph that shows the rise and fall of periods of time that affect society globally.  The obvious main “contraction” from the major planets’ conjoined and retrograde is affecting all of our lives. We are approaching the bottom of the Index now. When Saturn and Pluto conjoined, I continually spoke of how we’d be “packed in like sardines with many limits imposed from government”. Well, here we are. It will be a few years before the Barbault Index begins to rise, so use the time wisely to reassess to reassess what is real, your life direction and make appropriate shifts. A reading can clarify in which areas you will need to make the most drastic changes as well as the time frame.

Venus Retrograde and Social Distancing  Deterioration

With Venus in Gemini, the sign of communication, we get one message one day, and a totally different opinion the next. With Venus retrograde, the emphasis on truthful communications and the divide between the “awake” and those who tend to follow mainstream news is also breaking down. Mainstream will not publicize treatments for covid-19 that top doctors have used.  Whatever side you are on regarding Trump, he is a Gemini and a master of double speak. He may say he is fast-tracking a vaccine, but he has been equally as vocal about cures while he takes Hydroxychloroquine himself because many studies, including Dr. Saadi’s from Long Island where all 45 people who were able to take it were cured, show it is successful. You must look beyond facades to find the truth – and it is out there in every case. Even Elon Musk tweeted on May 17th “Take the red pill” referring to Morpheus’ offer to Neo in “The Matrix”. Most everyone else is on the blue pill.

The planet Venus is also all about our social connections, love, pleasure, how we value ourselves and each other, relationships and money. All of these are under tremendous pressure as Venus goes retrograde through the communication sign Gemini. People are muzzled by masks and “social distancing” that also makes it a challenge to stay intellectually connected.

 May 13th to June 25th Venus will be retrograde from approximately 22° Gemini back to 5° Gemini. Love can be harder to come by either romantically or with friendships, and the inflow of money can slow down. Now is the time for review of what you value in closeness with others as well as your self-worth in these relationships. During this part of Venus’ cycle, old loves or friends either come back into your life to be reassessed or finally dismissed.

 Venus retrograde is also not the time to make any big purchase. In being impulsive, you will spend more than necessary, and may regret the purchase later. Objects of art, a new home, anything to do with décor or beautifying yourself (haircut/color, cosmetic surgery etc. (if any of these are even being scheduled now!) will not turn out as planned. Either more research needs to be done on your part, or the information you are getting is not complete. You may have a different aesthetic than the person selling you the surgery, haircut, watch, necklace or new iPhone– so you will need to be cautious. The same goes for any creative project in which your vision or aesthetic may not be the same as your partner’s. Always discuss fully in advance.

The silver lining in Venus Retrograde

Often during a Venus retrograde, some may need to sell things to make money quickly and the buyer has the opportunity to get the item at a cheap price. Someone gets the short end of the stick.. so ideally it is the other person.  During this period many individuals and small businesses need to liquidate. As long as you heed the advice that you may buy something and change your mind once you get it home, and do not overspend, you can get some great buys during Venus retrograde.

Other things you can expect are for money to be delayed that you are counting on, or surprises pertaining to money and partnerships. Review your personal values during this cycle. You may be offered a job not up to the same level as your new, ideally more confident self-view at this time. If that is the case, wait for a better job, or only work temporarily at the lesser-liked job. The same goes for relationships. While fighting during this retrograde may seem productive, find out where you may not be feeling appreciated in the relationship; communicate and make alterations. Since Venus is in Gemini for this retrograde, that makes us more likely to communicate our thoughts. On social media, this retrograde accounts for the kind of bickering, and vitriolic exchanges that can destroy friendships. Take care of how you say things as well as the content. Keep a high value (Venus) in all exchanges (Gemini) and speak from the heart.

Wait or take a new job? Unsure of a new love? What does it mean if Venus, Saturn or Pluto will ‘station’ on a planet or angle of your chart? How long will the Saturn retrograde hold things up for you? When will Jupiter bring you opportunities and a lighter load. A reading can clarify the trajectory, and in which exact area(s), to expect in your life with the Venus, Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto retrogrades.  Contact me and let’s see.

Harsh Saturn Moves Into Aquarius

Italy with recent transits

Saturn deciphers and scrutinizes and is all about utilizing time, aging, survival and rules over decisions that separate the wheat from the chaff. The chart above is for Italy with the recent transits in the outer wheel. Unfortunately, Italy is taking this Saturnian severity to the extreme, and not treating anyone over 60 who is sick. Only the younger people are getting treated. This can be seen by the Saturn Pluto conjunction at the base of the chart of Italy above opposing Saturn (elderly). As Saturn and Pluto went through the last degrees of Capricorn, we have been brought to the past in a sense. We have had our news sources turned into an endless stream of voices, like old time radio, speaking only about the virus and associated topics. The sign Capricorn relates to traditionalism, structure, control and the most conservative side of government. Fear is the most prevalent message going out because Saturn is about survival, control and doing whatever it takes to reach an outcome. As Saturn went through the last degree of Capricorn we had the lock-down of all people by government leaders gone to the extreme.

March 21st, Saturn moved to 0° Aquarius, an air sign signifying innovation, brotherhood, humanitarianism and also fixity of purpose. Aquarius also stands for groups and the Corporation. We are seeing the result of the recent weakening of small business and the increasing rise of large corporate strength. For example, Amazon swallows smaller businesses with huge demands to share their profits,and now is thriving and hiring while most small businesses are struggling. The pandemic is also being used to continue the surveillance with talks of Facebook sharing information with government to monitor people’s location under the guise of fighting coronavirus. This is Saturn (control) of the people and society by the Corporations (both of these are ruled by Aquarius).

Other Saturn in Aquarius themes that will appear in the early part of this Ingress, as we have already seen, are distancing and disassociating from social groups not just physically but also intellectually. If we thought the political divide was big before, how we handle working together to handle the Covid pandemic is essential. Saturn forces disciplined action, and cohesive attention on how we unite is more important than ever. The most eloquent speech I have heard on the elegance of working together was made in an interview with Claire Edwards, who exposed the dangers of 5G millimeter waves to the U.N. Ms. Edwards was one of the leaders of the 5G Space Appeal protesting the tens of thousands of 5G satellites sent out into space blanketing earth with life destroying small-cell microwave radiation. She emphasizes the Eastern focus on how people work together to achieve a goal is much more important than the Western focus on achieving the goal. This method goes a long way toward challenging the typical Western modes: ends justifying the means, and might makes right. Ms. Edwards’ inspiring talk can be heard for free on All experts give wonderful interviews on why 5G needs to be halted; highly recommended in your free 7-day viewing are interviews with experts Dr. Dietrich Klinghart, Dr.Martin Pall and those marked as “featured speakers”. 5G (5th generation cellular) is being fast-tracked to take advantage of schools and streets being empty. Ironic, when the fastest and safest broadband is through underground fiber optic cables, which fuel the antennas.

Due to the approaching conjunction of Jupiter to Pluto the 1st week of April, I don’t think we will see a subsiding of virus’ effects reported immediately. Jupiter can bring an influx of positive energy, but also can expand things to out-of-proportion levels. The initial Covid-19 test, the active nucleic acid screening has been reported as giving results as inaccurate as 47% false positives. And with a rate as high as 71% negative results to those actually carrying the virus, both of these results were said by a Columbia University epidemiology professor to be worse than no test at all. These are some of the extreme negatives, and we can’t be sure of the real numbers. Other disproportionate actions – the National Guard been called up to enforce stricter and more out-of-proportion restrictions. But for the good Jupiter news – an effective treatment has been found. Read about it in this pdf here. Treatments may begin as early as Tuesday March 24th. If this happens, it will change the immediate trajectory drastically.

For years at my talks at The New Life Expo I have been displaying the Barbault Index (a graph showing the highs and low points affecting global society) with the triple conjunction of Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter. Though Saturn and Pluto are now separating from their conjunction, we have not yet reached the bottom of the Index. Prepping can still be done by educating yourself on which necessities to have on hand, and stocking up a little each day. Many smaller online companies (other than the shark Amazon) and specialty survival sites can provide all the things you need. My Practical & Financial Preparedness CD (WORD doc) was published in the early 2010’s and has been continually updated along with my Complete CD to educate you on the essentials not often discussed in preparing for times of crisis. Contact me to purchase.

The Aries Ingress (chart below) for Washington DC shows an emphasis on immediate action (Mars conjunct Jupiter/Pluto) in the monetary sector via fiscal stimulus to stabilize the markets, the economy, businesses, and individuals. A proposal to fund these will likely come very soon; the banks have already been prioritized and saved. In New York City there is an additional proposal for financial support by the Speaker of the House.

China now controls precious metals since they took over JP Morgan, and you can see that with the fluctuation from the highs from early in the year, to the big dip after the coronavirus was released. With prices very low now, if there ever was a time to stack silver coins and bullion, now is the time. More on specific dates to look for in the financial area in my next post.

As summer approaches and with more sunlight, heat and humidity, the virus will have more difficulty surviving, plus exposure to the sun’s rays increases the strength of our immune systems. Reconnect by phone, cut down on foods that feed viruses (sugar, gluten) and try to see the silver lining in this stay-cation time of reconnecting with our essential humanity and rewiring our priorities to that of what is best for all, can be best for us too.

If you would like a personal timeline for the year ahead, contact me for a reading. My webmaster is currently uploading my revised site along with my new rates, which haven’t gone up in several years. If you would like to lock in my existing rates for a phone reading sometime during April or May, please contact me by March 31st and I will honor my current rates for any reading or gift reading. Breathe, stay well, stay safe.

Aries Ingress over Washington DC

New Moon in Scorpio Challenge

New Moon in Scorpio Oct. 27 2019

The new moon at 5 Scorpio just before midnight Sunday Oct 27, 2019, is particularly challenging. For one, Mars, the ruler of the Scorpio moon is in a tight square to Saturn. The square (90 degree aspect) between these two planets puts you in a tough position and one in which it is almost impossible to take action. You are forced to hold your ground while attempting to work through a very tense and limiting situation that is hard to change. Perseverance is key.

The 5th degree of Scorpio in the Sabian Symbols (As channeled by clairvoyant Elsie Wheeler), describes as situation where you are under emotional assault, yet are strong enough to resist. You must not let inertia take over and hold strong to your position.

What is also being challenged is the status quo, the establishment. If we look down the road to the Triple Conjunction of Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto late next year, this situation is a setup for big changes and a whole new direction. New ideas are forming now beneath the surface which will erupt to great effect down the road. But for now, sit tight, knowing you are in the right and persevere your course of action diligently.

Back on October 12th, Mercury entered the shadow of its retrograde. Information and messages began to get misinterpreted and askew. The period during the retrograde is the opportunity to straighten out these miscommunications and re-align your communication in a prodcutive way. Technology that breaks down is due for replacement, and often the Mercury retrograde coincides with these sorts of things, as well as travel mishaps and rescheduling.

The actual Mercury retrograde takes place from November 1st until November 21st. Back up files, and re-check all contacts and agreements before signing. It is best to wait to put things into writing until after Mercury goes direct on November 21st. Mercury leaves the shadow (lag) of the retrograde and is in the clear as of December 27th.

If you can believe good things come to those who wait,  December 2nd 2020, Jupiter (planet of openness and expansion) will move into Capricorn, the sign of restraint and control. Something will start to give, albeit slowly, as is Capricorn’s modus operandi.

With the Triple Conjunction in Air (Aquarius) late next year, a whole new chapter will begin for society, and for each of us individually based on where this once in a lifetime transit takes place in your chart. Contact me for a reading to be fully prepared when the time comes to take full advantage of this alignment.


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Pisces Full Moon early September 14th

Full Moon Sept. 14th 2019 Washington DC

The Pisces full moon occurs just past midnight tonight/early Saturday Sept. 14th and as with all full moons, stress levels are heightened. This full moon highlights the excess of Virgo (specific, exacting, realistic) energies we’ve all been faced with the past few weeks. Being self-critical is only valuable if it spurs you on to fix whatever is not working properly to make it more efficient and useful.

Pisces is the sign of no boundaries, flow, wide vision and empathy and here is where we need to go to regain balance. We are being bombarded with news and societal changes that challenge the balance between our roles as individuals and our role as part of the collective. While Jupiter and Neptune square off inspiring us with grand dreams of a reality that may be not-so-easy to carry out, what comes up now is a need for renewed hope against what can realistically be changed.

Saturn (restriction/structure)still sits with the South Node of the moon and Pluto (regeneration/release)reminding us of our problem areas and blind spots. We must release these attachments to the past, whether to people, circumstances, or ideas in order to evolve to our highest expression. As Saturn stations to go direct on September 18th. This signifies a time when work produced before and during the retrograde period(since April 30th) can be resumed and will now begin to move forward. Mars squares Jupiter shows us that now is a good time to implement actions that with careful planning can be carried out.

The conjunction of Saturn (structure) and Pluto (evolution)is approaching and becomes exact early in January 2020. Jupiter (exaggeration) joins the configuration by the Spring Ingress on March 19th along with catalyst Mars. This is the triple conjunction of Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto that will be in effect throughout much of 2020. By December, we will deal with the new 11 year Jupiter/Saturn cycle in the air sign Aquarius. All of these alignments will be discussed in my upcoming lecture at The New Life Expo in October. (Information will be posted shortly.) As mentioned in my prior post, this is a time when we will be facing structural changes and restrictions, and will need to make bold choices as to how we want to proceed. As always, for insights as to how these and all the planetary alignments will affect you and your chart, contact me for a reading.

Jupiter & Uranus Planetary Stations August 2019

Today Jupiter changes direction from retrograde to Direct, while Uranus reverses from Direct to Retrograde. Each change in direction promises a new pulse of energy either in extroverted expansion with Jupiter, or introspectively with a degree of restraint with Uranus.

 If you think back over the past 5 months, since early April, when Jupiter began its retrograde, you may recognize this period as one of fewer opportunities to expand socially or business-wise easily. The Jupiter retrograde demands that we prepare first before opportunities appear. We must be sure of the direction we want to go. Often with Jupiter, we can have doors open and we go through them without forethought to where they may lead. This past 5 months gave us the opportunity to clarify in which direction we really want to grow before we expand.

 With the Uranus change of direction, this has to do with insight and innovation. We may think we are being courageous and daring, inventive and free-thinking, but we are just following the set-up narratives and paths that society lays before us. The question to ask yourself now is: Can I be as creative as possible without the restrictions of fitting in socially? Do I want to live a dynamic continually evolving existence and be constantly stimulated even as I look for security in my everyday life? These are the questions we will all be asking ourselves as we move forward through the Uranus retrograde.

When Uranus goes direct, Jan. 12, 2020, we will be in the midst of the forming Triple Conjunction in Capricorn of outer planets Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto. This is a time when we will be facing structural changes and restrictions from without, and will need to make either fearless and bold, or limiting and fearful choices as to how we want to proceed. If you are intimidated by drastic change, while Uranus is retrograde it’s the time to look at your options. During this period we can decide if more of the same is actually going to choke our lives into predictable (but ultimately less secure situations), rather than taking the leap and facing the unknown that could set us free. Remember, as secure as we try to make our lives, we are all subject to the generational effects of the outer planets.

 Like it or not, evolving may be scary in the moment, but where the waves of time transport us may ultimately be to better and more exciting places that are actually more realistically secure.  The new social and economic changes that society (and the outer planets), guarantee we will soon undergo are a sure thing.

 Many times I have lectured on the Currency Wars in which we are currently involved with China and other nations. These form  the undercurrent of the trade talks and deals that are seemingly never-ending, and what has led to many of the tragedies globally, that have deceptively been represented as ‘naturally occurring’ events. Whether you already know of the term “false flag” or have the curiosity to look it up, this is all part of the waking up that comes from these Uranus-related (shock)  events and release of the Saturn-Neptune (deception brought to reality) cycle we are now experiencing.  Perhaps the questions over the Epstein suicide/murder sweeping social media is the beginning of the waking up of the remainder of the masses that have been sleeping through the false flags of the past 50 years. Airplane ‘accidents’ (Boeing Honeywell Uninterruptible autopilot), Hurricanes and weather control (, Fires (DEW’s –Directed Energy Weapons) and the suiciding of multiple witnesses who have information implicating political figures in heinous crimes will be coming to light for those with their heads in the sand.

Regardless of whether you are awake and aware, or just beginning to see the truth, the end-game will affect us all. In economic issues, the value of the dollar versus Asian currencies has been the undercurrent of these conflicts and events for decades. The scales will eventually be tipped to favor the other side in these struggles. The truth always rises, and for those, through whose tireless efforts deserve the opportunity to prevail, their time has come.

More on this in my next article. Contact me here  to set up a personal reading.

Summer Eclipse Season 2019 Begins

Solar Eclipse over Washington DC July 2, 2019

The 1st Solar Eclipse of the Summer Season will be on Tuesday July 2nd. This eclipse falls in the sign of Cancer at 10-11 degrees. This time of year we nourish ourselves with warmth, care, and sometimes family. But an eclipse in the sign of Cancer can bring up family issues or crises related to family or parents. Always with an eclipse, an event occurs that must be dealt with. The event happens through no fault of your own, yet you must respond to it.

Get rest and try not to stress right before, during, and right after the eclipse. Give yourself a few day window around the eclipse to come to terms if something does come up for you. There is usually no need to respond immediately, even though the pressure and shock of some eclipse events make us feel like we should do something immediately.

This eclipse has several interesting alignments  – two sesquiquadrates (think of this as a double square) from the Mercury/Mars conjunction in Leo to the Square between Jupiter and Neptune. Creative work needs tremendous focus in order to manifest what you desire. The challenge here is triple-hard so that you will be driven to rise to the occasion and create exactly what it is you desire. There is also an inconjunct to Jupiter from the eclipse point, meaning there needs to be an adjustment to your philosophy or beliefs when dealing with key issues that arise around creativity, new projects and/or family.

This will be an especially difficult time for political candidates with the eclipse in the political 9th house and this challenging alignment. With so many candidates for the Democratic nomination, the candidate(s) with the strongest verbal expression of their will power (Mercury & Mars conjunct in Leo) and ideals will rise up early on. Expect many candidates to drop out by the 2nd (full moon) eclipse (see below). It is at this time that all of us feel the progress of our ventures this month and where we need to with realign or abandon key situations.

Mercury also goes retrograde this month on July 7th through August 2nd. As usual, try to make any large purchases unless you must replace an electronic device due to failure. It is likely, with the Solar eclipse in Cancer, that repairs or replacement items for the home will be necessary. Do as much research as you can if replacement is a necessity – but still, there is a good chance you will not be satisfied with a purchase now. The rule is “don’t sign, don’t buy” during a Mercury retrograde. Backup your files before the retrograde as a precaution.

 The 2nd eclipse this summer, the lunar eclipse, falls on July 16th at 24-25 degrees of Capricorn. The established leaders, old guard, and controlling elements will be hit during this time. Old modes and outworn methods will need to be released in order for the new creative (Cancerian) impulse of the earlier eclipse this month to begin to blossom.  Whether it is a new home, a renovation, a new family or release of family members or from ideas that come from your roots or old rooted thoughts, this may be a very revelatory month.

Knowing where the eclipses land in your birth chart adds the key element of knowing which area(s) of your life will be affected by these events. Book a special 30-45 minute phone reading on how the upcoming eclipses this summer will affect your chart and your life. Contact me to schedule.

Lunar Eclipse over Washington DC July 16, 2019

Scorpio Full Moon ~ May 18th Enlightened Purge

If challenging relationship or family issues have been in the forefront for you this year, the full moon on Saturday May 18th may bring a welcome surprise. With the full moon in Scorpio early this evening, it is imperative that you get deeply in touch with your core thoughts and feelings. Fears are brought up so you can examine them and utilize your analyses to find the perfect time to release negative attachments. Compulsive patterns of thought and emotion should be reflected upon and not reacted to impulsively. The self-protective Taurus new moon is being reflected onto the full moon, so any close person or current situation that doesn’t fulfill your sense of security and grounding may need to be purged. The ease with which you may find yourself making normally difficult decisions may be the surprise on this Full moon.There are several concurrent alignments also pointing to this effect. The South Node, representing past obligations is sitting with heavy duty-bound Saturn. Pluto is also in a nearby degree in Capricorn and Pluto wants us to evolve. Most of us will have or have had this trio in the same sector of our charts for some time. If you look back to the eclipses in January of this year (see my article here), you may recognize the same theme is playing out in your life now, but with a deeper understanding, and more conviction to your emotions and plan of action. Further adding to the theme of new insight and release is Venus, now in its own sign of Taurus, recently conjoining the great disruptor Uranus. Sometimes letting go and releasing others and situations that no longer provide positive reinforcement or grow is the best way forward.

 Many situations that come up now can relate to early family life with Mars traveling in Cancer, and the dispositor for this full moon. Mars squares (is challenged by) Chiron now, opening our deepest wounds and also the insights that help us heal ourselves and others. Whether you use meditation,therapy, exercise or any other method to get in touch with your deepest self,now is a good time to look to the past for solutions to any issues that keep coming up for you.

If you are uncertain where these alignments fall in your chart, consider getting an update on your chart for new insights and possibilities you may not yet be aware of.  Take full advantage of the transits, progressions, eclipses and planetary returns that are affecting you.

Scorpio Full Moon over New York City

Full Moon April 19 2019

Full Moon over Washington DC

There may be a lot riding on this full moon due to its position at 29+ Libra, the last degree of the sign. As a rule, the last degree brings the energy of tying up loose ends, critical issues that must be handled in a last chance scenario, and in some cases “the last straw”.  Because this full moon is in Libra, it highlights relationships, but can also  apply to balancing or making things right as in justice and the law.

The last chance feeling comes not only from the full moon climaxing at the last degree, but because it is also triggering the recent placement of Uranus in Aries at this degree. There may be a revisiting of changes made last November and/or February & early March of this year. If there were issues late last year surrounding refocusing attention on drive and personal matters,this energy will balance out the need to deal with relationships as well.

Both the Sun and Venus change signs the day after this full moon – the Sun to Taurus, and the Venus to Aries marking a shift in tone. The lethargy of winter moves to a more dynamic energy charging up our ability to reach out to others for new beginnings or overdue endings.

Mercury is clear of its retrograde cycle, so ventures that were stymied over the past month or so can now begin to move forward at a faster clip. The release of more information on the Mueller report is part of this. Pluto conjunct the Midheaven of the full moon chart and nearly squaring the Sun and moon is symbolic of the intensity of the Mueller probe having its release both literally and figuratively (as in an exhale) now.

 Saturn stations to go retrograde at the end of the month signaling tightening financially and also applying time and importance to relationships. Attend to and build on the relationships that will support you going forward, and cut loose any that block your ability to climb the ladder of success.