Inside the Eclipse Sandwich


That is where we are – between 2 eclipses. Eclipses come in cycles and this month we had a Lunar Eclipse on Feb. 10th and will have the subsequent solar Eclipse on Feb. 26th. It feels as if there an electric current building up all around us. In the chart for the Solar Eclipse Pisces above, you can see the exact conjunction of Mars and Uranus. These two together make for action and rebellion with a now or never urgency. This is why we see so many people walking around angry and lashing out but perhaps aren’t feeling like they can make the impact they’d like. A Pisces eclipse brings to the fore the subliminal and psychological with a good dose of helpless victimization in it.

Jupiter (which magnifies things) is aligned with the eclipse and the Mars/Uranus – Pluto square. This is an extremely volatile combination that puts us on edge. The energy feels electrified and out of proportion to what can be handled. Try not to lash out! If you’ve attended my lectures and/or reading this blog, you know all about the rebellion of the Uranus/Pluto square, this eclipse and that this chaotic and revolutionary energy is being stirred up. The best use of this eclipse is to transmute what is happening into strong subconscious focus. Raise your personal energy to find the best way to manifest the outcome you’d like to see in every area – your personal lives, the political trajectory and in the world. What has been happening in the U.S. has not suddenly changed by the new Administration. The system has been setup to bypass the people and to a great extent the passivity of the public has allowed it to go this far.

For those inclined to get involved, go local, get involved and reach out to those that represent you. On a personal level, try to put off major decisions until at least a few days after the eclipse. Get your rest, and solutions and rational thought will return.

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