Venus Retrograde

What does it mean when Venus is retrograde? In a nut shell – the things Venus stands for can either go awry or come back into your life to be reassessed during this part of Venus’ cycle. This year from March 6th to April 15th Venus will be retrograde.

Things/people come back:

–          Old loves

–          Friends and people from the past

–          Objects we lost can now be found

What to do when these things return?

–          Reassess who the person/object is and decide what relevant value they had in your life. Now is a good time to appreciate what you learned or gained from the relationship. Resolve the past, let it go, and move on. On occasion, this cycle can bring back a relationship that will remain in your life – but [popup url=”–contact.html&t=NDFkNGJhNDhjYmJmNThkYTc4ZGFkNjczYzFlMGRjMmU1OGU4ZDRjYixMSUdFN3d4ag%3D%3D&b=t%3AR7Q7H5Z77gXgt3yGMqWIgA&″ height=”800″ width=”1200″ scrollbars=”yes” alt=”popup”]that would depend on numerous factors being present in your chart[/popup] .

What not to do when these things return?

–          Do not get attached to the past – this is a cycle for review.

A New Relationship?

Although Venus is retrograde in Aries, the sign of beginnings, now is NOT the time to jump into a new relationship. The person will only present part of the picture when around you or communicating with you. This may not be deliberate – but you still will not see the entire scenario you may be getting involved with. You will not see their entire motivation, nor know the safety of the situation. This includes intimacy – you don’t know the person’s past yet, or who they fully are, so play it safe and wait.

This is not the time to make a big purchase – because if you are impulsive, you will spend more than necessary, and may regret the purchase later. Objects of art, a new home, anything to do with décor or beautifying yourself (haircut/color, cosmetic surgery etc.) will all not turn out as planned. Either more research needs to be done on your part, or the information you are getting is not complete. You may have a different aesthetic than the person selling you the surgery, the haircut or the porcelain vase – so you will need to be cautious. I knew someone who went into a photo shoot and the photographer decided to touch-up all the photos before showing them to the client. The photographer made the client look 18 when they were 40, so none of the photos could be used! Different aesthetic = expensive lesson. Another person bought an apartment during the retrograde, and it wasn’t until the sale was nearly complete and the scaffolding came down across the street that they saw their view was a real eyesore – a hot pink awning. They ultimately did not complete the sale and lost most of their deposit.

A good part of Venus Retrograde

In purchases, often at this time, someone needs to sell something and you get to buy it at a much reduced price! Someone gets the short end of the stick.. so let it be the ‘other’ person! It is a good time to go to estate sales, yard sales, and sales in general. As long as you heed the advice that you may buy something and change your mind once you get it home, and not overspend, you can get some great buys during Venus retrograde.

Other things you can expect are for money to be delayed that you are counting on, or surprises with money and partnerships. Review what you value and your personal values during this cycle. You may find a job is not up to par with your more confident self-view at this time.  If that is the case, take action to look for a new job. The same in relationships. While fighting during this retrograde may be productive, find out where you may not be feeling valued in the relationship and communicate that and move to make alterations. Put yourself first, but not to the extent that you turn off everyone else.   Try not to be impulsive. Venus in Aries makes us all a little more feisty and assertive, so walk away from non-productive arguments.

Unsure of a new love? Think you should break up? Get a new job? A look at your chart can clarify in what area(s) exactly what is happening in your life with the Venus retrograde.Contact me and let’s see whether Cupid or Venus Retrograde is stirring the pot in your life.

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